La historia de la salteña

Historian Antonio Paredes Candia states that during the early 1900s, Juana Manuela Gorriti was the first lady to create the current version of this product. This lady later married Presidente Manuel Isidoro Belzu. Gorriti was born in Salta Argentina and was exiled to Tarija Bolivia  during the Juan Manuel De Rosas dictatorship. The Gorriti family endured extreme poverty, and they came up with the recipe in the early 1900s in order to make a living. A variation of these pastries was known at the time throughout most of Europe.

The product, nicknamed "salteña" (the term for a female citizen of Salta), became very popular. Paredes Candia states that it was common to say to kids: "Ve y recoge una empanada de la salteña" ("go and pick up an empanada from the salteña"). In time most forgot the name Manuela Gorriti, but not the nickname. Eventually salteñas left Tarija and became a Bolivian tradition.

Aunque la historia de la salteña dice que tiene tradiciones de Salta Argentina, los bolivianos son los responsables de coronar la salteña como el "regalo para el mundo de parte de  Bolivia"
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